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Litigation Expertise

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Litigation involves ever increasing amounts of discovery. Electronic records, such as e-mails and videos, continue to proliferate. Successful and cost-effective results in litigation often hinge on navigating technological and procedural eDiscovery issues. Garth Madison has extensive practical experience with litigation holds and all aspects of electronic discovery, from identifying data sources, to collecting, processing, reviewing, and producing electronically stored information (ESI).

Mr. Madison has handled numerous motions relating to ESI, spoliation of evidence, and sanctions. He helps clients navigate the changing federal discovery rules.

Mr. Madison has worked with information technology personnel and has managed diverse teams of professionals on large projects, such as producing over 4 million pages of ESI in a complex lawsuit in federal court.

Mr. Madison also has handled privacy and record retention issues in-house, ensured compliance with state and federal laws such as the State Records Act and HIPAA, and advised cultural institutions in the digitization of copyrighted collections.

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